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Welcome to Adams Ranch ACDs


In 1999, we purchased our first Australian Cattle Dog, Scooter from Duwest Kennels in Colorado. Lori Bashor (Pruett) sent him to us when he was about six months old. As a result of the loyalty and protectiveness of this dog, we added other ACDs to our family. Over the years, in addition to Scooter, we purchased Bailey, Max, Shelby, Tori and Kat from other breeders.


In 2004 I started breeding my own litters.  In October 2004, we had our first litter of five boys from Max and Tegan.

In 2007, we had two litters. in April, Luke and Lucy produced 6 puppies and in November Rocky and Lucy produced 7 puppies. Our most recent breeding was between Boss and Sydni.  In December 2011, they produced 5 puppies - 3 boys and 2 girls. 


We bred five AKC Champions - Luke and Yuppie from our 2004 breeding;  Sydni from our April 2007 breeding; and Faith and Sarge from our November 2007 breeding.  Sarge also has his UKC Championship title.


We currently we have Shelby (our oldest girl), Jed and Yuppie (from our 2004 breeding) Sydni and her son Cutter , and our newest addition Kat (our only redhead) living with us. 


I hope you enjoy visiting my site. and by spending time here, you will know how much this breed means to us and how we continually are working to improve the breed.

Michael& Brenda Adams

PO Box 293454

Phelan, CA 92329-3454



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