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Here is a history of what our dogs have done since we got into this wonderful breed.  Keep in mind that Australian Cattle Dogs are not a breed for everyone. They require a great deal of attention or they "might" get into trouble because they are a very intelligent breed and actually will start thinking on their own.  This can sometimes get them into trouble because humans and dogs have different ideas about what "fun" is.


We got our first Australian Cattle Dog (also know as an ACD) in 1999 when we moved from a condo in Azusa to our home in Pinon Hills.  Up until that time, I didn't know what Australian Cattle Dogs were or looked like.  We took an on-line quiz asking what we wanted in a dog.  This breed came up as my #1 choice in a dog.  Now I needed to find out more about the breed.


I first came across a  website that talked about "Bad Dogs" and how they got into trouble (left alone, unsupervised, etc.)  I knew that the dog we were going to get would become part of our family so I didn't think we needed to worry about that.  I kept looking and came across a website called "Cattledog.com".  This site game me insight into the personality of the breed and the loyalty they show to their owners.  I joined their email list and learned even more.  


Back in the show ring again!


In January of 2014, we got back into the Conformation Show Ring with "Kat", Austlyn s Girl on Fire At Adams RanchShe is slow to mature but her confidence is growing.  She won her first three point Major in Del Mar, CA. at 8 months old.  By the end of the year she had earned a total of six points toward her AKC Championship.


What a year...


Cutter is the puppy we kept from the breeding between Sydni and Boss in December 2011.  He is maturing nicely and has been shown in several conformation shows.  He already has his two majors for six points.  In November, Cutter's brother Rogue was seen on the Late Night with David Letterman Show - Stupid Dog Tricks. The other puppies are all happy in their new homes as well and periodically I get updates from their new owners.


PUPPIES ! ! ! !


Sydni (CH SF Adams I've Got Eyes For Ewe) was bred to Boss (CH Castle Butte Boss Man) in early October.  Puppies were born December 1, 2011.  This was a very nice breeding with multiple champions behind both parents in their pedigree.  Look on the Puppy Page for the pedigree of these puppies.


We have another new Champion 

On May 27, 2011, Tori was awarded Winners Bitch from the Open Class to earn enough points for her AKC Championship.  Pending AKC Approval, she can now be called CH Hollow Log Victoria's Secret at Adams Ranch.  She is the fifth dog that I have shown to their AKC Championship since becoming involved in showing this breed in 2001.


Tori wins her first BEST OF BREED!

On January 22, 2011, "Tori" - Hollow Log Victoria's Secret at Adams Ranch won her first Best of Breed! 



We have a NEW ADDITION to the pack here!

We welcomed "Tori" - Hollow Log Victoria's Secret At Adams Ranch to our family in January of 2010.  Tori was my "secret" that I brought back from Orlando after a business trip.  After over two years of not having puppies around, I forgot how quick and sneaky these little puppies are.  Or maybe it is because they weren't raised here from babies and Tori came already "spoiled rotten"!


CH SF Adams The Chosen One - "Luke" finished the year as the #2 Ranked Cattle Dog in All-Breed Points and the #4 Ranked Cattle Dog in Breed Points according to the Canine Chronicle online magazine. 


ACD Specialty News...


CH SF Adams The Chosen One - "Luke" wins an Award of Merit! His daughter CH SF Adams I've Got Eyes For Ewe - "Sydni" was awarded Best Puppy in The Properties Classes from the 15 - 18 month Bitch Class.  Sydni also won First Place in the Best Gaited Competition and Third Place in the Best Headed Bitch Competition by Judge Leigh Leigh Ann Yandle-Perry. In Sweepstakes she went Third Place in the 12 - 18 Month Puppy Classes.

Luke - 2008 Award of Merit ACD National Sydni - First Place Best Gaited - Third Place Best Headed Bitch


A New Champion...


Introducing our newest CHAMPION...  CH SF Adams I've Got Eyes For Ewe.  On May 4, 2008, Sydni was awarded the last point needed to become a champion and also won Best of Breed at the Rio Hondo Kennel Club in Pomona, CA.  At one year of age, Sydni is the youngest of my dogs to become an AKC Champion so far.  


We took most 2007 off from showing and returned to the Conformation Ring in late 2007 with Sydni (SF Adams I've Got Eyes For Ewe) who is the grand daughter of my first show dog, Max.  In her first show for 2008, she won Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex in Palm Springs, CA.  In her second show in 2008 she again won Winner's Bitch as well as Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex  in Del Mar, CA for her first Major.  Two weeks later she won her first Best of Breed in Apple Valley, CA.  In March she won her second major in Bakersfield, CA. and needed just one more point to finish her AKC Championship which she completed at just one year of age in May 2008. 

Rio Hondo Kennel Club - Best of Breed, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners Silver Bay Kennel Club - Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best Opposite Sex Apple Valley Kennel Club - Best of Breed, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners

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