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Below are pictures of puppies I have bred here or co-bred and were born elsewhere.  Click on the  puppy's picture to be taken to a separate page for additional photos if available.


Boss & Sydni's Puppies - Born December 1, 2011

"Bailey" - Puppy Girl #2

Lives in  Chino, CA with Larry, Lauren, Kelly, & Kyle

"Kratos" - Puppy Boy #3

Lives in  Yucaipa, CA with Kyle

"Tinka" - Adams Ranch Tinka 

Lives in  Redwood City, CA with Jenny and her Great Aunt "Promise"

"Rogue" - Adams Ranch Sharp Shooter

Lives in  Lake Elsinore, CA with Linda and Paul


Rocky & Lucy's Puppies - Born November 24, 2007

"Sage" - SF Adams Sage Curandera Azul

Lives with Mark in Oxnard, CA.  Pictured here at 8 months of age.


"Kacee" - Puppy #5

Kacee lives with Lori in Las Vegas.  Pictured here at 3 years old - January 2011.

SF Adams Johnny On The Spot RN - "Target"

Target is now called "Sarge" and is owned by Heather in Seal Beach, CA


"Lola" - Puppy #7

Owned by Mary in Las Vegas.  Pictured here at 7 Weeks old.




Kazan & Abby's Puppies - Born December 6, 2007

"Jackson" - CH SF Adams Make Mine A One Eyed Jack

Owned Gretchen in Arlington, WA (co-owned by Tracy in Richmond, KY)

"Mady" - CH SF Mad About You

Owned  by Tracy in Richmond, KY



Luke & Lucy's Puppies - Born April 24, 2007

"Dusty" - Puppy #1

Owned by Jan in IL.  Pictured at 3 months old.

"Binde" - Puppy #2

Owned by Tony and Lessa in Santa Clara, CA.  Pictured at 8 weeks old. 

"Jack" - Puppy #3

Owned by Randy in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  Pictured at 8 weeks old.

"Sophie" - Puppy #6

Owned by Sue in Orange County, CA.  Pictured December 2007 at 8 months old.


Luke & Abby's Puppies - Born November 9, 2006


Owned by Jill in Mariposa, CA.  Pictured in March 2007 at about 4 months of age.

"Piper" - SF Adams The Charmed One 

Owned by Tami in Utah.  Pictured at 6 months old at her first dog show in May 2007.


Max & Tegan's Puppies - October 17, 2004

"Luke" - CH SF Adams The Chosen One BOSS, AOM  NA, RA, HIC 

Luke is owned by Kelly Ann Rea and resides in Georgia.

"Jack" - Adams Ranch One Eyed Jack

Owned by Kurt in Durango, CO.  Pictured at 4 months old.


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